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Cans which parts of the structure is made up of?

release time:2020-07-03 10:52:13  Views:437

Tin is currently on the market is the flow of metal packaging products, but because of its variety too diverse, so many of my friends have to fully understand the structure of cans.
The current structure and processing in accordance with cans of classification, are generally divided into two cans, three cans and aerosol cans. Two and three tin cans may be stamped into any shape, such as round cans, square iron cans, shaped cans and any other form of energy.
Two tin cans refers to metal cans by the end of the cap and with a two-part cans. Cans and can ends is the use of a method of stretching the whole process out of the hollow, the molding process which is the stamping drawing process, so the two tin cans, also known as stretch.
Three cans, both as a jar lid and bottom each one. Three cans market is very common, common in everyday life, such as Wong Lo Kat beverage cans, moon cake tin, etc., are three cans structure.