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Tin cans green it?

release time:2020-07-03 11:16:31  Views:285

Based on the global environment is deteriorating, environmental pollution problem is getting worse, protecting the environment is a global wave of enterprise should, as Pioneers, Kangshang green banner, walking on the road of environmental responsibility,Enterprises to produce mainly using low-pollution, environmentally friendly, recyclable reusable (tin) meet environmental demands of packaging materials. Existing containers cans, aluminum cans, paper and plastic containers, recycling containers have different characteristics, but in cans in the recycling container than other packaging materials for the gifted.
Tin cans with low polluting, recyclable and resource characteristics of the province of tinplate cans, packaging applications in the future, will have a broader space for development
1, low pollution:
Tin container main raw material for tinplate, in fact, belong to the environmental soundness, natural decomposition, because when cans stored in the context, naturally oxidized iron and revert to the original state, return to nature, so scrap metal cans The stacking is decomposed by the time and will not cause environmental pollution remaining colleagues make cans do not have to cut down trees, not to destroy the ecological balance.
2, recyclable:
It has the characteristics of a tin itself and other packing materials that are not - can be a magnet adsorption, so you can rely on the magnetic separator will be separated from the waste cans out, take advantage of this feature can be easily achieved utilizing recovered 80% of the garbage cans of the effect, and environmental protection cover of the invention, not only the use of safer cans, hygiene, and limited to reduce the amount of waste for recycling operations have a direct and obvious benefits.
3, the provincial resources
On the removal of other contaminants tin residue aspect, currently has developed a shredder device, can effectively remove more than 98 percent of the pollutants, provide a good variety of scrap metal, while the United States also pointed out that the presence of the lid are aluminum conducive to scrap remake, because the amount of Hot Meta when it can reduce the steel, reducing the overall cost of steel manufacturing. Here again saving energy, the report noted that the use of tinplate scrap to produce steel with respect to iron ore production, per ton of scrap savings of about 230 cubic meters of gas, so the cans of recycling system can reduce the process of global environmental and impact energy complex future product trends.

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