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Thank you for your recognition of Tianshimei Can, and chose to cooperate with us for a long time

release time:2020-05-28 15:23:24  Views:550

As a leading manufacturer of tin boxes and tin cans, many customers of Tianshimei Can Co., Ltd. have cooperated with us many times. They chose Tianshi for their recognition of the service and product quality of Tianshimei Can. Shimei cans. This time, this customer is a health care product, and wants to find a reliable iron box manufacturer for long-term cooperation. After comparison, the customer chose us. This customer said that he was in the industry of Tianshimei Can for many years. Experience, and the team strength of hundreds of people, followed by the previous quotation, and the technical level of explanation are in place. I think it is trustworthy to entrust this large order to Tianshimei Can. In the end, we did not live up to the trust of customers. This big order is successfully completed!